Trust in Würk to handle your payroll provider conversion

Since 2015, Würk enables clients to effectively manage the industry’s rapid growth by providing leading HCM tools and solutions to normalize the economy of cannabis. We are not only the largest solution of our kind, we’ve earned the trust of our clients to be experts in our field.  Wurk has unparalleled attention to detail in the niche markets that we serve by providing implementation, tax and reporting compliance, and proactive guidance.

Learn why 85% of the largest MSOs choose Wurk over other cannabis payroll solutions:

  • 46,000+ cannabis employees paid through our solution
  • 200 happy clients 
  • $8B in cannabis money moved since inception
  • Currently processing payroll in 46 states and 500 jurisdictions

Included services from Würk‘s Payroll Specialist:

  • Payroll processing
  • Employee change management
  • Payroll adjustments
  • Detailed reporting, form, and document management
  • Standard operating procedures
In addition to our full suite of scalable HCM tools, Würk has been providing the cannabis industry with express services surrounding:


  • Tax payments and filings
  • Invoicing ACH delivery
  • TLM
  • Direct Deposit

We know that your people are your biggest asset and that they depend on receiving consistent, accurate pay. Remain in compliance, support your workforce, and spend time focusing on business strategy.

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Payroll Provider Conversion & Cannabis Payroll Provider

Payroll Provider Conversion & Cannabis Payroll Provider

Cannabis Payroll ProviderPayroll Provider Conversion