Each year in June, the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride, a worldwide movement that honors sexual diversity. Major cities host parades, celebratory events, educational sessions and more, to bring awareness to the issues facing the community while promoting equal rights.

As cannabis HR professionals, you may be wondering how to acknowledge Pride month with your team, while respecting differing viewpoints. Here is some inspiration for this month and all year long:

Employee Email Acknowledging Pride

Sending an email to your workforce is an easy way to acknowledge Pride. It is best practice to be mindful of wording so that there is not an adverse impact to employees that may not be supportive of this, even though the business is supportive. It would be best to use wording such as “recognize” instead of “support”.

A great resource to provide your team would be a short history about how Pride month began. Or you might consider referencing your company values and the importance of inclusion.

Company Sponsored LGBTQ Events

Set up volunteer and donation match opportunities with LGBTQ organizations in your community, such as The Trevor Project. This is a great, non-mandatory way to bring the team together while making an impact.

Consider inviting guest speakers to discuss diversity initiatives, specifically in the cannabis industry. Share articles related to Pride and cannabis, like this recent piece from Weedmaps that includes ways to continue to advance LGBTQ representation.

Sponsor a local event during Pride whose proceeds support the LGBTQ community, like your city’s Pride parade. Research Pride festivities in your area and share a list with your team. Or consider hosting a breakfast or lunch in honor of Pride at your cannabis operation.

Pride Cannabis Products & Campaigns

In all efforts, especially marketing and branding, be sure to invite a diverse group of people to the table to ensure your ideas are all-encompassing and aren’t tone-deaf.

While rainbow colored stickers, cannabis-infused edibles, t-shirts, and flags are generally a good way to recognize Pride, it may not fit with your company culture and brand. Take off any blinders you may be donning, have a discussion with your team and show your business Pride with confidence.

Here are some examples of cannabis brands embracing Pride with style and grace:

Flow Kana

“Now more than ever, it’s important to live pridefully and colorfully – we celebrate YOU, this month and every month 🌈💚 The LGBTQ community and Cannabis have a long history together, and we are truly grateful for the support and activism over the years. While there’s still so much work to do, we’ll stand with you every step of the way. ” – Flow Kana

MedMen & Mr. Moxey’s

“We’re at the#LAPride parade today and celebrating all month long with limited-edition Pride products with proceeds going to Equality California.” – MedMen

Love’s Oven

No matter the time of year, Love’s Oven frequently spreads positive vibes. “Pride is a funny thing. Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next person… It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Let’s resolve to let our love conquer our pride today and ditch the comparisons.” – Love’s Oven


Another wonderful example of pride product development comes to us from Trulieve in Florida. This bright, happy photo reminds us all to spread the love!