Transitioning from a PEO to a Cannabis Payroll & HR Solution

Wurk offers an all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) solution giving you ultimate control over your people and human resource strategy. When your cannabis organization decides to transition from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to our dedicated HCM solution, there are steps to help make this process a smooth transition.

Remember: With a PEO, your employees are “leased” to the assigned organization, where the PEO becomes the employer of record, managing payroll, tax filings, and compensation claims. In contrast, an HCM partner operates as a part of your HR team, so you still maintain full control over workforce policies, employee benefits, workforce data, and so much more. While leaving a PEO may seem daunting, following these easy steps will help ensure a compliant, reliable foundation for a successful future.

Download the Guide: Transitioning off a PEO | Wurk