Who We Are
Würk is the industry’s first and best all-in-one workforce management solution. We believe it is our responsibility to protect the people and organizations of the cannabis industry so they can continue to impact the world we live in.
What We Do
We want to create a new status quo for the betterment and normalization of this growing industry.
Our Values
(No, those aren't typos - all of these are #1 values)
Be United
We are a supportive, collaborative, and inclusive team
Be Present
Offer attention to yourself, our team, and clients
Be Bold
Challenge the status quo and make your voice heard
Be Excellent
Discover your best self and be proud of your contributions
Be Accountable
Take responsibility and ownership of your work
Be Trustworthy
Lead with honesty, commitment, and confidence
By The Numbers
Team Count
Year Founded
Diversity Breakdown
African American
2+ Races
Primary Working Location
Empowering the rebels of cannabis
Making an impact in the world
Leveling the playing field for small businesses
Continuous improvement makes better, more valuable products
Resilient solutions create stability in complex industries
Passion drives us to achieve more
Optimizing the way businesses transact
Much like our customer base, our employees are in nearly every state! We pride ourselves on being diverse and working from where you feel most comfortable, Home!
Würk Milestones
Set out on a Mission to get Cannabis employees paid, on-time, and with a paycheck.
Company Count
  • 1st client ‘closed won’ on 10/1/2015
  • 50 clients processing payroll: October 2017
  • 150 clients processing payroll: November 2018
  • 200 clients processing payroll: March 2020
  • Wurk enters it’s data era with net-new products to transform intelligent growth in the industry: April 2024
  • Wurk unveils a new look: May 2024
  • Most client processing in one month: 246
EUC Count
  • January 2016 (first processing month): 39 EUCs
  • January 2019: 10,495 EUCs
  • January 2022: 45,534
We process payroll in 46 states and over 500 jurisdictions and are established as the largest solution of our kind in the industry.





Meet the Team
At Würk, we’re extremely proud of our team. Our products and services wouldn’t be possible without them, and we have a blast at the office.
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Deborah Saneman
Chief Executive Officer
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Deborah Saneman
Chief Executive Officer
With more than 25 years of experience in HCM, payroll, and consulting, Deborah is an expert in creating and enhancing business operations. Prior to joining Wurk as the Chief Operating Officer, she was the COO at Kelly Benefits Payroll where she collaborated with many different divisions within the organization to turn challenges into new opportunities for the business. Deborah has a deep understanding of all aspects of business operations, including expertise in growing and expanding product offerings, as well as providing businesses with solutions to their pain points to work more efficiently and effectively. She also serves as the President of the Independent Payroll Providers Association and provides payroll guidance for independent organizations.
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Navin Thawani
Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer
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Navin Thawani
Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer
NAVIN THAWANI is a Principal at New York-based investment firm, Foundry Capital. Foundry executes and actively manages proprietary and structured growth investments in high-quality companies across a range of industries. Navin also serves as Managing Partner and CFO of Würk, Navin takes active leadership and board roles across other Foundry portfolio companies. Navin started his career on the derivatives desks at Barclays Capital and Morgan Stanley in New York and London, respectively. Navin received his M.B.A. from Georgetown University, where he was the president of the M.B.A. Student Government Association. He earned a B.A. from the University of Delaware. Navin resides in New York, NY.
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Karen Davis
Chief Customer Officer
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Karen Davis
Chief Customer Officer
Karen is an experienced Customer Success professional with a proven track record of driving client satisfaction and effective engagement. Skilled in relationship management, customer support and onboarding, Karen has partnered with Enterprise and small market clients in a variety of industries. As the Chief Customer Officer at Würk, Karen leads a team of Human Resources and Payroll technology experts that offer support to the growing cannabis industry. With previous experience in multiple start-ups in the HR and Benefits space, Karen understands common challenges and uses that experience to drive customer engagement and a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Karen graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing.
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Jennifer Meadows
Chief Operating Officer
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Jennifer Meadows
Chief Operating Officer
The cannabis industry exists to facilitate a healthier and happier community.

Würk’s responsibility is to protect the people and businesses of the cannabis industry so they can focus their energies on making social change in the world we live.

Würk allows cannabis companies to manage payroll, human resources, timekeeping, scheduling, and tax regulation and minimizes compliance risks in the ever-changing cannabis regulatory environment. The company uses its expertise and trusted partnerships to provide guidance on 280E tax law, accounting, and banking. Its platform is designed to scale nationally with the growth of the industry while incorporating the local laws and regulations unique to individual states.

Würk’s founder, Keegan Peterson, was an outspoken public advocate and thought leader for the cannabis industry and was an associate producer on the 2018 documentary Weed The People. From filmmakers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, this look beyond politics and propaganda will challenge everything you might have known about cannabis and reveals the brave stories of ordinary families who are exploring the benefits of medical marijuana to save the lives of their most precious loved ones – their children.