Stability and flexibility for your team

With the lack of standard operating procedures in the industry, it can be difficult for cannabis businesses to find quality employee scheduling solutions. We know your time is valuable, which is why we offer employee management solutions built specifically for the marijuana industry.

Wurk’s employee management solutions give employers and employees round-the-clock access to work schedules, and make it easy to adjust schedule preferences and request time off from any device. It helps employers ensure that the right people are on the clock at the right time, while allowing employees the flexibility they need to manage work-life priorities. Employees can receive important reminders and notifications of schedule changes, and know in advance who they’re working with and what the day’s tasks are. Employers can relax knowing that they are adhering to overtime rules and efficiently managing labor costs.

The Wurk employee scheduling system gives you access to:

  • Create custom schedules
  • Share schedules
  • Offer self-service tools to your employees

Eliminate the stress of scheduling nightmares and gain access to key operational functions that reliably support employees without fail.

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Dispensary Employee Scheduling System, Cannabis Employee Management Solution & Dispensary Employee Management Solution

Dispensary Employee Management Solution, Cannabis Employee Management Solution & Cannabis Employee Scheduling System

Dispensary Employee Management SolutionCannabis Employee Management SolutionDispensary Employee Scheduling System