Automate the employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement with Wurk

Provide cannabis employees with an opportunity to improve financial security in retirement, save to purchase a home and pay for tuition expenses all while reducing their current taxable income. Remain competitive in the cannabis industry while attracting and retaining top talent by offering an employer sponsored 401K.

A streamlined integration between ABG and Wurk’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution empowers your employees while ensuring accurate data management.

  • Automate 401K management, saving valuable HR administrative time.
  • Have control and visibility over the process without having to manually transfer data.
  • Eliminate the potential for duplicate data entry and human error.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you are prepared for compliance audits.

With ABG you can:

+ Create comprehensive plans with successful outcomes to support your employees and contribute back to your bottom line.

+ Provide your employees with customized learning paths via our digital platform to improve financial literacy.

+ Empower employees to make or change contributions through payroll deductions

Avoid the 80/20 Rule

80% of Human Resource Manager’s time is spent on tactical processes, data entry, creating reports, and managing a number of different systems.

20% of Human Resource Manager’s time is spent on strategic HR initiatives, including addressing attrition, developing and retaining top talent, branding, and supporting business objectives.

Shift the balance in your workload so you can spend more of your time on focusing on what matters to grow your business and less time processing data and pushing paper.