Manage complex payroll, timekeeping and HR processes in one platform created specifically for marijuana companies.

It’s no secret that the marijuana industry carries high demands for your entire team, especially your payroll and HR professionals. From complying with cannabis enforcement, local, state and federal agencies to managing a growing workforce, it’s easy to understand that you might be feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Beyond the intricacies of running a cannabis operation, your lack of time, money, resources, and/or technology make addressing your business goals a real challenge. It’s possible that by choosing the right payroll technology, created specifically for the marijuana market, some of those barriers can be removed.

Automate a complex process

We know you have to hustle and sometimes cut corners to run your business, which may mean processing payroll with outdated, manual processes. Or you might outsource the job to your cannabis accountant, which not only costs money, but restricts your control and insights.

Nearly 30% of companies are using payroll processing systems that are 10 years old or older. Outdated systems require customization and expensive maintenance to stay current with labor laws and regulations.

A modern Human Capital Management (HCM) platform can automate the payroll processes in dispensaries and other marijuana businesses. It can also reduce errors and ease your administrative burden while helping to control labor costs and improve employee productivity. A cannabis payroll system allows you to run reports – payroll, register, labor distribution, general ledger, 280E, and more – before finalizing and submitting payroll to help ensure accurate results. Plus, reflect your unique business requirements and workflows by defining all steps in the payroll process.

Ease compliance concerns

When asked which regulations concern payroll professionals the the most*, respondents named their top five as:

  • FLSA overtime regulations (64%)
  • Constantly evolving tax regulations and rates (62%)
  • Paid sick leave (43%)
  • ACA (42%)
  • FMLA (39%)

Further, 54% of those surveyed said they are concerned about managing multiple state and local regulations. With the constant increase in new laws, not to mention the plethora of other cannabis-specific regulations, you can’t spend valuable time configuring systems to ensure your protection. Modern payroll and HCM software allows you to handle the changes with assurance that rules will be updated and calculations accurate without the need for manual processes.

Access a single source of truth

Time and time again, clients come to us frustrated with the amount of software systems they are piecing together to manage payroll, timekeeping, and human resources. This causes an unnecessary burden for the whole team as well as inconsistencies in data. With one platform, you’re able to access all employee data, manage documentation in one-place, and implement standardized HR processes, significantly reducing workload for your management.

Wurk’s payroll, timekeeping and HR system is specifically for the cannabis industry. Reach out to our team for a demo today.In subscribing to a cloud-based payroll processing software as opposed to patching together a framework of systems or relying on a PEO service, you have total access to robust data management giving you fast metrics so you can focus on growing your business and saving money.

*The 2017 APA Trendline Survey