Würk provides a variety of HR and Payroll consulting services for cannabis operations of all sizes. Our certified team can manage workforce-related tasks that you may not have the time, resources, or expertise to maintain. Plus, Würk understands the unique compliance requirements of the marijuana industry, including the complexities surrounding tax code 280E.

Payroll Specialist

At Würk, our team of payroll specialists is here to make sure your team members at your cannabis business are getting paid. Our experts cover everything you need including payroll processing, payroll adjustments, detailed reporting, and more.

HR Business Partner

If your cannabis business is drowning in administrative tasks, Würk has the solution for you. Our HR Business Partners will take care of important responsibilities such as employee new-hire and termination processing, employee file maintenance, Federal and State compliance updates, and more!

HR Support Center

It’s difficult to know all the answers when it comes to managing people. Luckily, with Würk’s HR support center, you are able to access all the important information you need for complicated HR matters. You are easily able to check out legal matters, ACA-related issues, and other helpful documents. Also, with our HR support center, you can get live and useful HR advice.

Retirement Planning

With 401k mandates coming to many states and numerous 401k providers who are unwilling to work with cannabis businesses, Würk provides the solution. Würk’s retirement plan, catered to the cannabis industry, allows companies to offer appealing retirement options to their staff members who wish to enjoy a fruitful career in the cannabis industry.

Data Security

Würk has some of the most secure and compliant facilities in the industry to keep your data protected. With industry-leading encryption technology and Data security, you can have peace of mind doing business with us. For more information, give us a call at 833-365-9875 or check out our data security page.

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