SOURCE: The Rooster
Date published: May 26th

Cannabis was recreationally legalized in Colorado six years ago and today, weed has become an inexorable part of this state’s economy and lifestyle. It’s created huge streams of income and sources of employment and it’s proven to be one of the most philanthropic industries in the entire state.


“There’s a lot of charity groups that won’t accept charity donations from cannabis companies because it’s not a part of their charter to be able to do so,” says Keegan Peterson, the founder and CEO of WURK, a payroll, HR, scheduling and time-keeping services for Cannabis businesses.

WURK is the largest money-mover in the US for the largely cash-based cannabis industry, operating in 33 states nation-wide. So, Peterson has seen a lot of cannabis donations turned down by charities who would surely benefit from them. And not just because they’re too righteous to take “dirty cannabis money,” either.

“The whole concept of accepting cannabis derived funds is still challenging for a lot of businesses in the US,” says Peterson.

He explains that because many of these businesses get their grant money from the federal government, if they took money from a company like Seed & Smith, they would compromise their federal funding.