Wurk Data Engine

Compensation Benchmarking

Take the guesswork out of employee pay with our intuitive Compensation Benchmarking product driven by our data and visualization platform. Correct compensation from day one!

  • Help avoid the expenses of replacing top talent (.5-2x employees annual salary)
  • Real-time updates from an aggregated database
  • 9+ years of industry compensation data
  • Navigate emerging markets and smart-expansion

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1,400 Active Job Titles

~60k active employees

Over 700 EINs

It’s an exciting time for Würk, with the Product team capitalizing on the wealth of knowledge within our accumulated cannabis dataset for Compensation Benchmarking. A robust data warehouse has been constructed on the backend, facilitating the extraction of valuable insights, along with aggregated KPIs and metrics spanning over 700 EINs and nearly 60,000 EUCs of our clients. The introduction of this new Würk data and visualization platform sets the stage for the development of future products aimed at addressing our clients’ most pressing business challenges. Spearheaded by Dan Obendorfer, Director of Product, the inaugural launch of Compensation Benchmarking marks the beginning of numerous innovative offerings from Würk.

Dan Obendorfer, Director of Product

I am thrilled to begin the next chapter of Würk’s journey by refreshing our brand presence and amplifying our dedication to innovating for the legal cannabis industry,” said Deborah Saneman, CEO of Würk. “For nearly a decade, we have guided and stood alongside companies as they navigated this ever-changing industry and offered them reliable banking solutions when no other HCM company could. Our new brand combines the knowledge and experience we have gained since 2015 with the eagerness and excitement of a company looking to grow and push the boundaries of an evolving industry.

Deborah Saneman, CEO of Würk