DENVER, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Würk, the first and leading human capital management (HCM) company in the cannabis industry, today announced a refresh of its brand identity, including a bright, vibrant visual presence paired with its continued commitment to being the most trusted authority and advisor for comprehensive HCM solutions in cannabis.

Würk is the legal cannabis industry’s most reliable, tech-enabled HCM solutions provider, assisting companies as they navigate complex, regulated markets. The company’s refreshed brand is shaped by the nine years of insight it has gained from working with businesses in 46 states across more than 500 jurisdictions to reach optimal efficiency in the workplace and maximize their potential. Würk leverages the experience and knowledge of its passionate team members, and its proprietary insights to offer customized solutions and to foster a legal cannabis industry built to empower changemakers. Rooted in revolution and built for evolution, Würk elevates the cannabis industry workplace to new heights through insight, innovation and impact.

It’s an exciting time for Würk, with the Product team capitalizing on the wealth of knowledge within our accumulated cannabis dataset for Compensation Benchmarking. A robust data warehouse has been constructed on the backend, facilitating the extraction of valuable insights, along with aggregated KPIs and metrics spanning over 700 EINs and nearly 60,000 EUCs of our clients. The introduction of this new Würk data and visualization platform sets the stage for the development of future products aimed at addressing our clients’ most pressing business challenges. Spearheaded by Dan Obendorfer, Director of Product, the inaugural launch of Compensation Benchmarking marks the beginning of numerous innovative offerings from Würk.

“I am thrilled to begin the next chapter of Würk’s journey by refreshing our brand presence and amplifying our dedication to innovating for the legal cannabis industry,” said Deborah Saneman, CEO of Würk. “For nearly a decade, we have guided and stood alongside companies as they navigated this ever-changing industry and offered them reliable banking solutions when no other HCM company could. Our new brand combines the knowledge and experience we have gained since 2015 with the eagerness and excitement of a company looking to grow and push the boundaries of an evolving industry.”

From processing payroll to minimizing compliance issues, Würk simplifies management and allows professionals to spend more time elevating their business through innovation, assurance, wisdom and creativity. To learn more about how Würk is helping companies succeed in the cannabis regulatory environment, please visit

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Würk allows cannabis companies to manage payroll, human resources, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance, and minimizes compliance risks in the ever-changing cannabis regulatory environment. The company uses its expertise and trusted partnerships to provide guidance on 280E tax law, accounting and compliant banking. Its platform is designed to scale nationally with the growth of the industry, while incorporating the local laws and regulations unique to individual states. For more information visit

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