Direct Cannabis Network wrote an article about who Wurk is and why you need Wurk.

Who is Wurk?

Wurk’s platform offers its’ software as a service to help cannabis businesses do everything from background checks of new hires, to managing employees’ schedules, benefits and training, as well as making sure their employees get paid on time. Wurk provides tools to ensure compliance on both a state and federal level for companies looking to structure themselves for the future.

Why is Wurk needed?

Cannabis is still deemed a Schedule I controlled substance at the federal level, so large banks aren’t permitted to finance (most) cannabis companies. Another reason Wurk is needed for the cannabis industry, is for the fact most cannabis businesses have operated in what many in the community term a “gray area” or “black area” of the industry in which regulations and compliances are loosely followed. Wurk’s platform saves businesses the hassle of organizing themselves internally, by assisting businesses in figuring out internal processes that best fit the company’s structure.

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