Experienced Cannabis Fiduciary Advisors

Combining extensive knowledge of the industry, innovative technology and current awareness of regulations, Würk provides a trusted fiduciary advisor for cannabis dispensaries across the country. Our services are flexible, personalized and the perfect match for the modern cannabis operation. Prioritizing efficiency, we focus on the intensively regulated cannabis industry and the best ways for your business to thrive.

Cannabis HR Service Packages

Our team represents an impressive track record and decades of industry experience. Our services and strategies cover all the essential details, making sure nothing gets overlooked and avoiding pitfalls that might otherwise result in penalties, loss of licensing and negative impact on your brand. Integrating cannabis-specific cloud-based software, we bring you user-friendly and automated processes to simplify everyday requirements.

Würk covers every aspect and phase of your dispensary operations, offering vital assistance to new start-ups as well as well-established and larger dispensaries. We keep up with ever-evolving compliance requirements and free up your time and effort to focus on the growth of your business. If you’re not sure where to start, how to move forward or where to improve, Würk has helped countless clients emerge into standouts. Our team is eager to become your team, inspire confidence and support your goals.

Cannabis HR Consulting, Dispensary HR Consulting & Cannabis Fiduciary Advisor

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Dispensary HR Consulting, Dispensary HR & Cannabis Fiduciary Advisor

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