SOURCE: Benzinga
Author: Javier Hasse

A troubling trend is emerging in the world of cannabis: established payroll and HR companies are suddenly dropping clients in the space, including many who are very remotely connected to the industry.

Unfortunately, provider shut outs apply not only to dispensaries and growers, but also to many other businesses that don’t necessarily sell, grow or transport weed, such as medical offices, technology platforms, and pharmaceutical operations.

To make matters even worse, cannabis companies are often given as little as 30 days to find and onboard a new provider that can address their specific needs. This concerning trend is putting cannabis companies in precarious positions as they scramble to ensure that paychecks and tax payments aren’t disrupted by sudden changes in payroll workflow.

“I’ve never witnessed anything quite like what’s occurring in the cannabis industry now. Having legitimate companies being dumped by their HR and payroll providers is a hugely overlooked and rampant issue,” says Keegan Peterson, founder and CEO of Wurk, a technology company that creates payroll and HR solutions for the cannabis industry. Peterson was inspired to create Wurk after learning that a friend’s company was dropped six times by mainstream payroll providers.

“This issue is another symptom of the disconnect between federal and state legislation around the legality of cannabis,” Peterson explains.


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